Introducing C.A.R.E. Forms

Concerns Are Resolved Easily

   A new communication tool, the C.A.R.E. (Concerns Are Resolved Easily) Form, has been launched. As we keep our eyes towards a vision of what is best for the ministry of Lord’s Lambs and Lord of Life, we want to be open to hear and respond to feedback of parents and church members. This new form is a tool to help ensure those lines of communication are open.

   When you have concerns or ideas for improvement, we encourage you to share those directly with the person responsible for the area of concern. When you submit a C.A.R.E. Form, the leadership team will forward it to the appropriate person to follow up with you.  Print copies of the form can be found at Lord’s Lambs Registration Desk and in the kiosk in the Commons. Thank you for helping us grow in the ministry!

Submit a C.A.R.E. Form