Our Twos are the “Bumblebee” room. Like our name, in the Bumblebee Room we are busy all the time!

The classroom teachers plan age-appropriate activities in all seven of the early learning domains that the state requires we teach. Twos are learning simple math, science, and literacy skills daily. They are also learning how to interact with their friends, how to ask and answer questions, and how to wait for their turn. Their language skills grow in a literacy-filled classroom with lots of book reading, finger plays, nursery rhymes, and other fun activities that promote a love of reading and learning.

Of course, potty training is also part of a two year old’s life, so our teachers are experienced at assisting parents with potty training. Potty training is a partnership with parents and we handle this area of teaching like all other areas: through patience, persistence, and respect for the individual.