Our Jr PreK room is for children between the ages of three and four years. These children should be independent in the restroom, only needing assistance occasionally. They should be able to follow a two-step direction, for example: hang up your coat and then wash your hands. This is a skill that takes practice, and they will get plenty while in this classroom.

During the time your child is in the Elephants or Monkeys classrooms, they will be introduced to Handwriting Without Tears, which is a letter-identifying and writing program. Play time is important, so open-ended play will be part of your child’s day. Outside time occurs twice daily. Math and science activities are done regularly allowing children to think creativity, estimate, compare and contrast, observe, count, identify numbers and quantities, identify shapes and create new objects with them, and experiment with weights, measurements and science materials like magnifying glasses and magnets. Meeting time is an important time for preschoolers and will offer a variety of experiences for them.

Social and Emotional skills are once again a large part of what preschoolers and their care providers work on daily. How to be a helpful friend, take care of their own needs, ask for help, assist a friend, wait for their turn, allow a friend to join them, forgiving a friend who has hurt them, following a two-step direction, and sitting quietly at meeting times are many of the skills they work on. In addition to these skills they also work on family-style dining. They learn to pass bowls around the table and ask for what they need. This is an important life skill and give preschoolers a boost in their self-confidence, which is important as they learn and attempt other challenges during their Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten years.