Sea Turtles

These are the oldest children in our center and will go to Kindergarten after spending one year in our PreK program. Handwriting without Tears is continued throughout the PreK year. Independence with their daily needs such as restroom, putting on coat and winter boots in addition to lengthening conversations with friends, following a routine three-step direction, sitting for age-appropriate times during meeting times (twice a day) and during group lessons is important.

Show and Share is a time for our Sea Turtles to practice talking in front of a group, explaining their object, and answering questions from their friends. Science activities will allow children to be independent with experiments, activities, and tools. Many opportunities for children to measure, compare, weigh, and make predictions will allow children to grow in their knowledge of their world. Math, language and literacy, small and large motor skills are balanced throughout the PreK children’s day. Each of these areas is similar to our preschool program but with even more open-ended questions, time for extending their learning, returning to experiments as they explore cause and effect. Math skills will include graphs, estimating, comparing, adding and subtracting totals, as well as identifying numbers.

Throughout the year that your child spends in PreK, they will continue to grow in their social and emotional development. Christian principles of loving others, forgiving, and do-overs are a part of all of classrooms, but are clearly and regularly witnessed with our PreK children.