Our Butterflies’ ages range from as young as eighteen months through age three. This is a broad age range, but based on our experience and the physical space that we have to work in, this range in age is necessary. Our Penguins work primarily on social and emotional skills. They practice sitting by a friend while playing, using words to ask for help or express how they feel, engage in pretend play, and with plenty of help from their provider, solve problems with friends. They begin to learn to trade a toy, wait for their turn, and share materials and play areas.

They also work on life skills like using a fork, drinking from a cup without a lid, washing their hands, pulling up their pants at diaper changes, attempting to put on their own coat, trying to put their shoe on if it falls off, pushing in their chair, picking up their toys, etc. This group enjoys plenty of large motor time and will be outside weather-permitting twice a day. Language development will be encouraged with plenty of books, story times, open-ended questions, and introducing new words. They have a short circle time in the morning where they say good morning to friends, and enjoy activities including finger plays, story time, nursery rhymes, Jesus time, and practice basics like counting, colors, and simple shapes. As the group gets older, circle time lengthens. Creative art activities, music and movement, fine motor skills (playdough, paint, crayons, scissors, tongs, spoons, sensory table play) open-ended play, and simple math and science activities will occur authentically and regularly throughout the Butterflies’ day.

One skill that is worked on routinely is potty training. Please refer to your Parent Handbook for our Potty Training Policy.