Our Early Childhood Educators come to Lord’s Lambs with experience teaching young children in group care, educated in early childhood education, or both. We are proud of the team that we have assembled to provide care to your precious children. New staff members will shadow a seasoned member of our team to gain hands-on experience in our setting.

With Jesus Christ as our team leader, we have formed a child care team that strives to provide quality, Christ-like care to the children and families enrolled in our program. It is our goal to offer you and your family a professional, quality child care experience.

Criminal background checks are conducted on each new employee. This check is done on any person who is to have contact with children. This policy includes administration, full/part time staff, and any other person who may be employed by the center. The criminal background check will consist of contacting the Health and Human Services Central Registry.

Ms. Liz
Liz Croson

Ms. Megan
Megan Crain
Assistant Director

Ms. Emily
Emily Janssen

Ms. Ashley
Ashley Hiland
Jr. PreK

Ms. Andi Jo
Andi Jo Taylor

Ms. Mary
Mary Wells

Ms. Mackenzie
Mackenzie Abendroth

Ms. Denise
Denise Crain
Infant 2

Ms. Julie
Julie Fitzgerald
Infant 2

Ms. Melinda
Melinda Baumann

Ms. Cheri
Cheri Taylor

Ms. Bailey
Bailey Miller

Ms. Zoe
Zoe Keene

Ms. Hannah
Hannah Elliott

Ms. Elly
Elly Cheatle
Afternoon Floater

Ms. Cat
Cat Maboussou
Afternoon Floater

Mr. Cole
Cole Coppersmith
Afternoon Floater

Ms. Bekah
Bekah Kehr
Seasonal Floater

Ms. Emily
Emily Miller
Seasonal Floater

Mr. Logan
Logan Ramos

Ms. Julie
Julie Koenemann
Technology Assistant

Ms. Tarrin
Tarrin Reed
Ministry Teams Admin. Assistant