Nutritional meals are provided to all the children in our program, following state guidelines. Children three years and older will be served by their teacher. Children will be encouraged to take a small serving (bite sized) of each food group. They will be encouraged to try new foods. Early Childhood Educators will sit at the table with the children and model appropriate table behavior. ECE will promote manners, self-discipline, and independence. A prayer will be spoken/sung before every meal. Menus will be posted weekly through our ProCare app.

Food cannot be brought in from outside the building, unless a child has an allergy or medical intolerance to certain foods. In that case, a doctor’s note is required. Parents/guardians can supply an alternative food choice. This food choice needs to be able to be in the classroom, not refrigerated, or needing to be microwaved. Lord’s Lambs will not substitute items on our menu due to food intolerance or allergies. Without a doctor’s written documentation, we will serve all food and milk to every child.

Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 8:30 am. Lunch and snack schedules are posted in the classrooms; infants eat on demand. Reminder: food may not be brought into the center. If your child is eating breakfast in the car, he/she needs to finish before entering the building.

Gum and candy are not allowed in the center at any time.