Children in this room are three years old, and are potty trained. Once a child is three, demonstrates age-appropriate independence in the restroom with pulling pants and underwear up and down, wiping (help will be provided when needed), washing and drying hands, demonstrates the ability to walk with the group to and from the classroom and restroom, and will wait with the group while others are using the restroom, they will be ready to join the Monkeys. As with all classroom transitions within our program, an opening needs to be available.

The skills worked on in the Monkeys’ room are continued in the Elephants’ room. Circle time is lengthened and associative play is encouraged with support by caregivers. Continued assistance with simple problem-solving skills are practiced. Provider-introduced activities, lessons, and daily interactions will allow social and emotional skills to be practiced, reinforced, and celebrated! Colors, shapes, fine motor activities, creative arts, science, math, and lots of language and literacy will fill your children’s days while in the Cheetahs room. Following a one-step direction (generally the first time) is another important skill that is practiced throughout the day. Movement is encouraged with this age group as well, so they will be outside twice a day. Lots of learning occurs outside with the support of the Monkeys’ teacher.