Ms. Tarrin serves as the Ministry Teams’ Administrative Assistant for Lord of Life, and assists Lord’s Lambs whenever, wherever, and however she’s needed. She most enjoys seeing the children learn new stuff daily and sharing their excitement for the ‘small things in life’ which we adults seem to forget. She shares her faith by joyfully singing worship songs with them during Jesus Time, with genuine care through the lyrics, and reminding them of how beautiful they are in God’s eyes and how loved. Her favorite children’s book is the Precious Moments Children’s Bible.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys playing games with the family, singing worship songs with her husband, singing Karaoke, helping at her church, and growing succulents & houseplants. Her favorite food is steak (well done), and Sprees, but they must be the original ones!

Ms. Tarrin brings both clerical and child care experience, a double blessing to our ministry!